Welcome to SRX Consultancy, a boutique PR and communications agency specialising in entertainment, music, social action, faith and community.

Founded by Simon Rothstein – a former journalist with more than 20 years experience in the national media – SRX Consultancy offers everything from traditional public relations and social media management to training workshops and the production of print and digital publications.

Our clients have been featured on the BBC, ITV, Sky and in all of Britain’s major newspapers and websites, as well as gaining regular coverage on radio and in regional and specialist press.

We manage Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts that total hundreds of thousands of followers, produce content read all around the world and have run training sessions for hundreds of in-house PRs and agency staff.

As a small business with a strong guiding purpose we only take on clients who we are passionate about – meaning that we are as invested in your success as you are.

And for big projects, we will team up with designers, coders and the fantastic team at Bootstrapped PR to make sure that all possible needs are fulfilled.

We are always keen to hear from new clients, especially those who match our beliefs and passions. So please click here to contact us.

Still cannot believe I had a chance to speak to @ScottSteiner last night. Thank you to @IMPACTWRESTLING @RossForman1 @SiRothstein and @laurenklair for the opportunity.


Enjoy Canada! We need to chat about Switch games on your return - need some tips (I basically have anything Mario, Sonic or Tetris but nothing else)

We are pleased to announce that we've renewed our agreement with @5spiketv in the UK, and that IMPACT will continue to air every Friday at 11pm.

IMPACT will now also be available on demand for free every week on @GWNapp from the same time it airs in the US (1am Friday UK time)!

Honoured to be performing post #NashvilleFarewellTour #Manchester at @MancBierkeller tonight, @NashvilleCMT has been a staple of inspiration to me for 6 years.Join us for a country singin', whiskey drinkin',guitar playin' good time after the show! #CountryMusic #Music #Livemusic

Guess who is on this week's international media conference call?

Clue 1: He hates 'fat asses'!

Clue 2: https://t.co/8hdqb7Y90g

Thats right..... @ScottSteiner! Listen live from 7pm on Wednesday on our Facebook page!
#ImpactUK #WeAreImpact

Proud to announce that SRX Consultancy will be working with @NisaNashim again on this Sunday's conference - the largest gathering of Jewish and Muslim women in Europe! Watch this space for some great initiatives, campaigns and speakers...

I've been to some of these events - the kids love them and they raise money for a great cause. If you have some free time and want to do good, please consider joining the committee!

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